Company Profile


Kawakami is committed to advancing the state of the art through tireless research.

Basic Policies

We will provide technologies that wholly satisfy customers.
We guarantee the high quality of our mixed food additives and seasonings, specifically that they are safe and effective.
We will act as a driving force in the creation of new foods that meet contemporary market needs.

Company Profile

Name Kawakami Co., Ltd.
Founded April 1925
Established March 1953
Capital ¥ 49.5 million
Representative director Hiroo Kawakami
Businesses Manufacture and sale of seasonings and mixed food additives, research in and development of food technologies, importation and sale in Japan of foods and ingredients
Banks of account MUFG Bank,Ltd. , The Osaka City Shinkin Bank, others
Principal customers Food manufacturers and trading companies throughout Japan

Message from the President

Hiroo Kawakami President and CEO Kawakami Co., Ltd.

As the diverse expansion of technology in a variety of fields worldwide continues to attract attention, fundamental problems in the field of food, which supports basic human life, including hunger, hygiene, and safety, have come under close examination. Against this background, the food business is being asked to develop food products that meet contemporary needs and to build a food culture for the next generation. Since its founding in 1925, Kawakami has understood that these processes are more than just social phenomena, and as a result we have pursued truly delicious flavor as the backbone of the world of food. We have gone beyond the manufacture and sale of mixed food additives and seasonings to carry out research and development programs that have created a legacy of results, including through guidance in food processing technologies; research in food ingredients, including overseas; and development of new foods. We feel that our principal mission for the future involves more than just taking a clinical view of food. Instead, it's about continuing our commitment to truly delicious flavor with a human touch as our employees come together to contribute to the ongoing development of food culture in keeping with our slogan of "The Power of One."

Hiroo Kawakami
President and CEO
Kawakami Co., Ltd.

Company History

1925 Kawakami Chemical Laboratory is founded.
1928 The company develops an anti-acid additive for use pickling vegetables.
1953 Kawakami Kagaku Kogyo Co., Ltd., is established.
1959 The company opens the Tokyo Sales Office.
1965 The company opens the Food Processing Consultation Office.
1966 The company develops an institutional-use kimuchi seasoning "AJIRAN".
1968 The company reorganizes its Food Processing Consultation Office to form the Development and Research Center.
1969 The company develops a product that reduces salty taste in foods.
1970 The company develops a product to prevent discoloration of foods (for use with root vegetables).
1973 The company begins giving workers a second day off every other week to allow a total of 98 days off each year.
1984 The company develops a seasoning for lightly pickling vegetables.
1991 The company introduces a true five-day workweek to allow a total of 123 days off each year.
The company changes its name to Kawakami Co., Ltd.
The company opens the Kyushu Sales Office.
1993 The company introduces a computer-controlled automated warehouse at its Tsukuda Plant.
1996 Hiroo Kawakami assumes the position of president.
1997 The company participates in a joint research and development program with Kyoto University to investigate disinfectants.
2001 The company establishes Qingdao Daiyu Foods Co., Ltd. in Qingdao, China.
2004 The company oversees the establishment of Qingdao Chengyu Food Testing Laboratory Co., Ltd.
2008 The company changes its name in Japanese (leaving its English equivalent unchanged).
2011 The company receives Japanese patent No. 4681693 for Bactbuster.
2014 The Tsukuda Plant earns ISO 9001 certification.
2017 The Tsukuda Plant earns ISO 22000 certification.

Office Locations

Head Office 5-15-17 Noda, Fukushima-ku, Osaka
Phone: +81-6-6463-1313 (operator)
Fax: +81-6-6463-5655
Osaka Sales Office 2-24-16 Noda, Fukushima-ku, Osaka
Phone: +81-6-6463-1313 (operator)
Fax: +81-6-6463-5655
Kyushu Sales Office 4-1-2 Saikumachi, Chuo-ku, Kumamoto
Phone: +81-96-351-3535 (operator)
Fax: +81-96-351-1401
Kitchen Staff Studio 2-24-16 Noda, Fukushima-ku, Osaka
Phone: +81-6-6463-1313
Fax: +81-6-6463-5655
Tsukuda Plant 5-10-12 Tsukuda, Nishiyodogawa-ku, Osaka
Phone: +81-6-6475-5707
Fax: +81-6-6475-5735
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