• Institutional bottled products

    Institutional bottled products(seasonings)

    All-purpose seasonings formulated to deliver uniquely Japanese savory and pungent (umami and karami) flavors

    • White base
    • Yuzu kosho base
    • Ajiran liquid EX
    • Others
    Institutional bottled products<br />(seasonings)
  • Kimuchi seasoning products
    (sauce for kimuchi)

    Kimuchi seasoning products(sauce for kimuchi)

    Seasonings for preparing unique Japanese kimuchi

    • Ajiran R
    • Ajiran EX
    • Kimuchi paste (raw)
    • Others
    Kimuchi seasoning products<br />(sauce for kimuchi)
  • Antibacterial products

    Antibacterial products

    Antibacterial products that are effective against the bacteria and viruses that cause foodborne illness

    • Bactbuster H
    • Others
    Antibacterial products
  • Pickling seasoning products
    (seasonings for preparing pickled vegetables)

    Pickling seasoning products(seasonings for preparing pickled vegetables)

    Seasonings for creating traditional Japanese pickled vegetables

    • Asazuke chomi-eki
    • kombu tsuke-eki
    • Kiri nasu tsuke-eki
    • Others
    Pickling seasoning products<br />(seasonings for preparing pickled vegetables)
  • Mixed food additives

    Mixed food additives

    Series of mixed food additives that are highly effective at ensuring food is safe and can be enjoyed with peace of mind.

    • Additives to improve food quality
    • Additives to preserve food
    • Others
    Mixed food additives

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